Nissan unveils extreme solution to help keep drivers off their phones

The signal shield sits in between the front seats

Car manufacturers are embracing technology in a number of different ways. Some are working to develop driverless cars while others are installing more sensors than you could shake a stick at.

Nissan, however, is going down a different route. The Japanese manufacturer is set to include a Faraday cage in its Juke model

Nissan’s Signal Shield concept will create a ‘silent zone’ the company says.Source:Supplied

Dubbed the Signal Shield, this is a small compartment that sits in the middle console area of the car. The device gets its name from its inventor Michael Faraday, who first came up with the invention in 1836.

It completely blocks all electromagnetic fields from entering the box, meaning a phone placed inside it won't receive texts or calls. It is possible to connect the phone to the infotainment system via a wired connection. 

This means drivers can listen to music or podcasts stored on the phone via the USB or auxiliary ports.

“Mobile phone use at the wheel is a growing concern across the automotive industry, and indeed society, particularly with the high number of ‘pushed’ communications, such as texts, social media notifications and app alerts that tempt drivers to reach for their devices,” said Alex Smith, managing director for Nissan Motor GB.