Newstalk’s new app has arrived!

This is the one you’ve been waiting for...

It’s been a long time coming, but the new Newstalk app has arrived. It’s free to download and is available on iOS and Android right now.

We’re in the era of “content on demand”. It’s possible to take music playlists, tv shows and even movies offline to consume on the go, so why should radio be any different? Well, it’s not.

The new app allows users to take podcasts offline, as well as subscribing and sharing.

If you spot a long article or an interview you want to read at your leisure, it’s possible to download the article to your phone. This, again, gives you control of what you consume and when.

Before we go any further, I feel I must stress that this is a brand new app. We haven’t built upon what was there previously. The team behind the app ripped up the existing formula and started from scratch. If you already have the Newstalk app on your phone, simply update via the app store. If you don't, you can download it now.  

Once downloaded, the new app gives users the option to register. Registering means tailored content can be delivered right to your smartphone. You can manage your preferences thereafter.

The default homescreen will show you the latest posts from From here, you can navigate your way through the site’s content, whilst having the option to “Listen live” at any stage by tapping the top right corner.                                                                                

Here’s a confession, though. My homescreen is Business & Tech. It’s my main area of interest and what I want to see first. It’s incredibly easy to alter the app offering to suit your needs. Simply tap the three lines in the left hand corner to expand the menu. You’ll see News Feed, Podcasts, Radio, Your Library and Settings.  

I’ve gone into Settings > Reorganise Menu and placed Business & Tech at the top of that list. This means that when I open my app, I’m met with the very latest from the world of business and technology. You can do this for Sport, News, Business & Tech or Life.


For those listening to the shows live, whilst on the go, there’s built-in options to contact the presenters within the app. You can text, Tweet or email with the tap of a finger. It couldn’t be easier. 

The Newstalk app is available to download on iOS and Anrdoid right now.