New Honor Magic smartphone can tell who's holding it

Sensors in the frame read your handprint and increase your privacy

Another day, another fancy new smartphone released featuring a unique gimmick. This time though, it’s a gimmick that might actually be useful.

Chinese phone maker Honor unveiled their new Magic model that features sensors in the frame that can detect who’s holding it. Much like a fingerprint reader that’s also included, the phone will learn your handprint and grip, adding another additional level of security and privacy.

There’s also a feature on the Magic that will only show notifications on the lock screen when it knows who’s holding the phone, meaning no more nosey people checking your notifications.

On top of fingerprint and hand readers, there’s also face recognition thanks to a small infrared camera on the front of the phone.

Custom Android

The Magic is running Android, but Honor have put their own touches on it. It features a custom skin called Magic Live that includes many situation-aware features. That means that the phone gradually learns what features you use most and when, so it’ll offer on-screen shortcuts to apps depending on when and where you use them, like the music app at the gym in the morning.

Hardware on the phone is a bit mixed, with an older Kirin 950 processor and a smaller than expected 2,900 mAh battery, but there’s a pretty good 12 megapixel dual-lens camera and a 5.09 inch curved AMOLED display.

The Honor Magic is only going on sale in China for now, but if it arrives in the rest of the world, expect it to be a big competitor to the current smartphone giants.