New Dublin Airport office blocks given green light

DAA is hoping to lure multinationals to the area...

DAA has secured approval from An Bord Pleanála for the construction of four large office blocks on a central site at Dublin Airport.

Totalling approximately 42,000 sq metres of commercial space and ranging up to seven storeys in height, they will be located directly opposite Terminal 2 and to the rear of the T2 car park building.

DAA is already out to tender for the first two buildings, where work is expected to commence this summer and complete in mid-2018.

The authority will target the office space at large multinational companies, particularly those for whom location at an airport will be a benefit for travelling executives and employees. 

ESB International has recently moved up to 600 of its employees from the city centre to the former Aer Lingus HQ on the same airport site, which DAA recently refurbished at a cost of €10m.

In a separate development, DAA is currently out to tender for the construction and operation of 400-room, four-star hotel. It is set to be built on top of the multi-storey car park and is due to open in 2019.