Moncrieff's Top 5 Podcasts of 2018

Sean and the team choose their top 5 podcasts

Moncrieff's Top 5 Podcasts of 2018 

Brace yourself for the weird and the wonderful!

1. Pooing in space

Clayton Anderson, astronaut and author, explains to Sean how astronauts poo in space.

2. #HenrysHacks

Strapped for cash? Beauty blogger Henry McKean tries tofu, coffee and sparkling water face masks to rival the salon treatment.


3. I was abducted by aliens 

Calvin Parker and his friend Charles Hickson say they were abducted by aliens while fishing. Calvin told Sean about his experience.



4. Sean meets Nigella

"Nothing would induce me now to eat low fat." Twenty years after she released her first cookbook, How to Eat: The Pleasures and Principles of Good Food, Sean speaks to Nigella Lawson.

5. Moncrieff's Fireside Tales 

Listener Hazel Davis got in touch to share her Christmas story, Lavender Potatoes.