Microsoft facing legal action over faulty Windows 10 updates

Three users are seeking $5 million in compensation

Microsoft facing legal action over faulty Windows 10 updates

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaks at an event demonstrating the new features of Windows 10 | Photo: PA Images

Windows 10 arrived back in 2015. The update received a warm welcome from users who were unimpressed by Windows 8. However, three users from Illinois are are looking to bring a class action against Microsoft, claiming more than $5million in compensation following a faulty upgrade. 

Robert Saiger, Stephanie Watson and Howard Goldberg claim the upgrade to Windows 10 resulted in the loss of data and damaged their devices. 


Ms Watson claims her hard drive failed following the installation of Windows 10, which occurred without her expressed approval. She had to buy a new computer as a result. Mr Goldberg claims he opted against upgrading his software for six months before finally deciding to update. 

“After three attempts to download Windows 10, each of which tied up his computer for extended periods of time, Goldberg’s computer was damaged, and Windows 10 was not actually downloaded and functional,” the court complaint states. Goldberg claims he had to pay Microsoft to make his computer work again.

The three individuals are looking to gain class status for "potentially hundreds of thousands of Windows users" in the US who experienced similar issues within 30 days of upgrading to Windows 10. 

The complaint also alleges it was difficult to dismiss pop-up adverts offering “free upgrades” and that they offered no option to refuse an upgrade or block future ads.

Microsoft has dismissed the complaint, stating the Windows 10 free upgrade programme was designed to help users take advantage of the most secure and productive Windows platform.