Man arrested for attacking a robocop

The incident happened in California

A man in the US has ben arrested for allegedly knocking over a security robot in a car park in California whilst drunk. 

The robot, called K5, suffered a number of scratches but is now back on patrol. 

K5 is a 330lb autonomous robot, that is 5ft tall and 3ft wide. It is made by a company called Knightscope. 

"Yes, someone did knock over one of the robots at our headquarters in Mountain View," said Stacy Dean Stephens, the company's vice president of marketing and sales.

As soon as the 'assault' was detected, the robot immediately reported the incident and alarms were sounded. The suspect attempted to flee the scene but was detained by Knightscope employees until police arrived. 

"We are incredibly proud of the outcome and believe this to be a true testament to the technology we developed here in Silicon Valley. We are equally happy to report that the robot has recuperated from his injuries and is back on patrol keeping our office and employees safe again," continued Stephens. 


The K5 is designed to detect and report unusual activities on large outdoor spaces. It's thought this device could be useful on hospital and corporate campuses. 

It has the ability to monitor environmental conditions, wireless signals and car registration plates. The device also has a 'gun detection' feature in development.

The robot can collect more than 90TB of data per year and help incident investigations by replaying footage of incidents to law enforcement officials.