Make more of your photos

Three simple steps that will help move your images from your phone to the wall

We’re taking more photos than ever before, but what happens to your images once you’ve captured them? Do they just sit on a memory card within your phone? Here's some tips for making the most of your images.

Follow these steps and your images will be easier to sort and display

Sort Immediately:

If you’re at an event or happen to take a large number of photos over a weekend, delete the out of focus images straight away. If you do this after big occasions, it will not be as overwhelming.

Backup monthly:

I have had so many people come to me after they lose their smartphone asking if there’s any way to get their images back. The only way to protect your images is by backing them up. Use iCloud (€0.99 a month for 50GB, Google Photos – free or Dropbox - €99 a year for 1TB).

Print often:

This is the hurdle at which most people fall. I think some people still think it’s difficult or incontinent to print, but it could not be easier. I’ve tried numerous different printing options and my two top recommendations are for Social Print Studio: Customers can order prints from their social media channels, or upload from a device. A set of 24 images, plus delivery to Ireland, costs €26. This may sound pricey, but the high-quality products are, in my opinion, worth it.

The second one is PhotoBox offers image prints from €0.16 but you can also do so much with your images. Everything from photo books to phone covers can be printed. It’s very affordable and only takes a matter of days to arrive. 


If you take a lot of photos and want to have your own image printer at home, I’d highly recommend the Canon Selphy CP1200. It costs around €150 from PC World and Argos, and it allows users to print photos instantly from their phones, tablets or memory card. 

It’s worth noting that the paper costs €20 for 36 sheets and the ink is €35.