Majority of Irish adults "definitely" turned off by body hair

Reporter Henry McKean took to the streets to find out why...

Almost half of women spent between two and six hours a month plucking, shaving, waxing and dying their body hair.

A new survey from Therapie Clinic has revealed that three quarters of Irish people find body hair to be a major turn off.

Over half of women say body hair is their first or second biggest body issue after their weight. 

The same amount of men say they find it a major turn off - with 49% saying they would actively encourage a woman to have her body hair removed.

Only 6% of women find thick hair on a man's chest attractive while - unsurprisingly - the majority of women find back hair unattractive.

Henry McKean took to the streets of Dublin to find out whether people agree that body hair is a turn-off. Jennifer Haskins of Two's Company dating service agrees that young people presenting at her agency are more focused on how a person looks.

"The younger generation are more obsessed with it ... definitely the women will say, 'I want a guy who will look after his appearance'," Ms Haskins told Henry.

However, she notices that older people tend to be looking more for specific personality traits.