Latest iOS update scraps filing system built for floppy disks

One of a number of updates being rolled out today

Apple has rolled out an update for iOS 10 that is available to download right now. While none of the updates are too drastic, there are some handy add-ons for Apple users. 

The feature that will probably attract the most amount of attention from users is the system for finding lost Airpods. iOS 10.3 brings the ability to locate missing pods using the "Find My iPhone" app. This will hopefully prevent the loss of the little earphones.  


While it's not the sexiest of updates, the most interesting change from a technological point of view is the upgraded file system. This may not appear to be too drastic on the surface, but know that it's for the greater good. 

iPhones running earlier versions of the software use a 31-year old Hierarchial File System (HFS), which was originally designed for Mac devices with floppy or hard disks. It was not built for modern mobile devices availing of solid state storage. The new 'Apple File System' was announced last year and will look to avail of flash or SSD storage. It is unlikely users will notice a huge impact from the new system, but it may free up a small amount of storage. 

The old system is incompatible with the new one, so it's vitally important that users backup their content before upgrading.