Budget 2017 will be first real test for the new government - Burton

Former Labour leader says Brexit uncertainty could hurt us

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Joan Burton announcing her resignation in the RHA Gallery, Dublin | Image: Rollingnews.ie

Former Labour leader Joan Burton says passing Budget 2017 will be the first test for the new government.

Earlier, the new Labour leader Brendan Howlin said the Fine Gael-led minority administration is 'intrinsically unstable'.

Ms Burton was replaced by Mr Howlin as Labour party leader last Friday, following her resignation of the position.

The Dublin West TD spoke to The Right Hook here on Newstalk.

"Basically there's no costing at all in the Programme for Government - it's really an aspiration for governemnt", she said.

"These are all the nice things we'd like to do - and if we can obviously we'll do them, but there are no costings really at all".

In terms of the new coalition, Ms Burton says "Our only problems that we have in a broad sense is we have this issue around 'What's the UK going to do about it's future in Europe?".

"Because of the uncertainty say investors who are going to invest big time say 'I want to hold back until I know what the decision is - whether it's yes or no'".

But she says the next budget will be crunch time for the new coalition.

"The real cutting point is going to be the budget - because at that point you have to cut to the chase".