Is "fluid viewing" the future of TV and what can Sky Q offer you?

Sky have unveiled their new bundle which is available to buy now, with installations beginning at the end of the month

Is "fluid viewing" the future of TV and what can Sky Q offer you?

Sky Q Silver

As the number 1 TV platform in Ireland with over 500 channels and 2 million viewers per week, Sky is unquestionably a giant in the TV space. Recently Moone Boy and 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy, Sky backed programmes, gained international attention by winning Emmy awards. Now the entertainment provider has unveiled their new home system; Sky Q.

Sky Q is the new name for the Sky box, with the fancier version going by the name of Sky Q Silver. Silver has 2TB of storage space and allows users to record four channels while watching a fifth. The multi-room functionality is now called “Fluid viewing” in Sky-land and it works very well. Customers can view their content via a tablet / mobile device or a Sky Q mini box. There's also the option to download content onto a mobile device and watch it on the go, which is incredibly handy. 

Those opting for the regular Sky Q package receive a box with 1TB of storage and the ability to record 3 channels while watching a fourth.

The Sky mini-box is remarkably neat but also works as a Wifi signal booster around the house, which is incredibly handy. Users can record from this box and the content is the stored on the main box. All of the shows are then accessible from where in the home. 

When powered on, the user is met with an very intuitive interface that is easy to navigate through. This navigation is made easier by the touch remote control.


The large circular panel on the remote allows the user to glide through channel options and other functions within the box.


The set-up costs for Sky Q start from €99 while the monthly cost for Sky Q for both joining Sky or existing customers will be from €55.