Instagram trumps Twitter in advertising stakes

The Facebook-owned app boasts more than 200,000 advertisers...

Instagram trumps Twitter in advertising stakes

Picture by: Rui Vieira / PA Archive/Press Association Images

Over 200,000 advertisers are now using Instagram, the company has announced. It means the photo-sharing app leapfrogs Twitter in terms of advertising numbers – Twitter’s latest reports had their figure at 130,000.

In June 2015, Instagram had only a couple of hundred of advertisers. That number has skyrocketed since parent company Facebook decided to launch its self-serve advertising platform worldwide. Instagram confirmed 75% of advertisers come from outside the US, with massive scope to expand their numbers in America.

It’s positive news for Facebook, who can add the amount to the 2.5 million advertisers on their primary service.

Companies who advertise through Instagram, primarily SMEs, currently reach 400 million users. The fact Instagram integrates Facebook’s own ad technology has clearly proved attractive, with advertisers also able to avail of the option doing business across both platforms. More user engagement and younger audience demographics than Twitter have also come into play in Instagram’s figures today.

James Quarles, Head of Global Advertising, said: "Having 200,000 advertisers gives us an ability to better tailor the ads that people see to their likes and interests."

"The Facebook relationship has helped us grow our user base and attract advertisers," Quarles continued. "People can be creative in using the two together and run things across both platforms. That really hasn’t existed much in the marketing world."