IllumiBowl creates toilet bowl that fights germs

Not only can it light up your toilet, but it'll also clean it too...

Last year we told you about IllumiBowl, the company that turns your toilet into a nightlight. The product had a simply mission; help users pee in the dark. The company is now back with an updated product. This time the toilet night-light can fight germs!

The folks behind IllumiBowl are back on Kickstarter looking to make the IllumiBowl: Anti-Germ a reality. The new product uses medical grade technology, often found in hospitals. The IllumiBowl can target toilet germs with non-UVC wavelengths of light. These are lethal to bacteria but harmless to humans. 

The new device will fit any toilet and has a host of features. These include eight different colours and three brightness levels. 

"Utilising special anti-germ bulb IllumiBowl blasts energy for 15 seconds after each 2 regular minute cycle and once a day for 8 minutes straight," says the company's Kickstarter page. 

The company says they have conducted a significant amount of research into developing the new product. 

"It took two years of constant prototyping, development, lab tests, and refining technology in order to get here but we finally have nailed it," they say.

You can back the IllumiBowl: Anti-germ here