"I hate hand-holders."

Are you pro- or anti-PDAs?

Are PDAs that annoying?

The sight of David and Victoria Beckham sharing a kiss in London causes Kieran Cuddihy to confess his intolerance of PDAs.

The internet thinks differently...

It is the seemingly innocent act of holding hands that seriously provokes Kieran's ire.

"I'm getting myself angry talking about it, I'm going to shove them in front of a bus. The next hand-holders in front of me, I'm shoving in front of a bus. They're just so slow, they shouldn't be doing it and it is just the height of self-indulgence."

The Science of Holding Hands

Whether you agree with Kieran's assertions or not, the act of holding hands is an an ancient human trait that has evolved in the majority of our societies. 

It is one of the first acts that a newborn baby will perform due to a child's grasp reflex.

The physical contact of holding hands has been proven to improve quality of life by increasing sensory stimulation. 

It has also been shown that holding hands decreases the stress hormone, cortisol.

Ancient Proof of Hand-Holding

Archaeologists from the University of Leicester found the 700-year-old remains of a man and woman buried holding hands together.


Even though the act of holding hands is a naturally-evolved human trait, whether we should do so in public is, apparently, still up for debate.