How to protect child-proof your technology

Here's a quick guide to protect both your children and your tech

As all parents will know it’s important to baby-proof your home as your child begins to move, but what about your technology? Kids today know that a swipe from left to right unlocks an iPad and that three taps opens Netflix, so how can you protect your devices and kids from each other?

You have a number of options, from purchasing a child-friendly tablet to buying the sturdiest cover known to man. 

Child-friendly tablet

If you want to give your child their own tablet, I would recommend an 8.0-inch or 10.1-inch tablet and baby-proof it. It’s possible to get a cheap  Android tablet that is sturdy enough to last more than a year.

Some suggestions:

Each of these devices run Android and are very easy to set up and manage. 


When you give a child a tablet; be that their own device or pass them your one, there are certain steps you should take.

If the device is an Android device:

  • Ensure you have a screen lock in place
  • Set up a second user on the device and enable content filtering
  • Password protect purchases - this will stop kids running up a huge bill in gaming apps
  • Kids Place - Parental control app - parents select what functions work on the table

 If it's an Apple device

  • Turn on restrictions
  • Disable YouTube
  • Turn off in-app purchases
  • Guided Access

Here are some other tips to ensure whatever device your child uses remains protected.

  • Get a sturdy case: Otterbox are heavy duty and are fantastic. They have two layers; rubber and a shell. This means if the device is dropped, the case absorbs the shock and prevents breakage
  • Screen protector: Tiny hands may be tiny, but can still do damage. Spend the money on a screen protector
  • If remote controls have a tendency to go walkies thanks to the small people in your house, download a smart remote app, pair it with you TV and that ensures you can watch TV even if the remote has disappeared