Here's what Google knows about you

And it's a lot...

Many of us rely on Google for information, entertainment and directions. Did you know that all of this information is stored and you can access that archive? Here's how to find out what google knows about you. 

First step is to click on this link. If you are logged into your Gmail account, you'll be met with the following page. 

This will show the most recent activity carried out by your Google account. Everything from homepage searches to YouTube videos watched will be logged here. You can scroll through to the very start of your Google account history. 

The left column gives users the options to delete certain pieces of information, should they so wish. This could be a particular type of information or info from a particular date.

By clicking into "Other Google Activity", you can access the slightly 'Big Brother' element of the archive. A map is produced filled with places you have visited. 

You can insert a date of your choosing and find out where you were, for how long and from that, take a good guess at how you travelled on that day.


Google has updated the user interface for this feature in recent months, making it easier for users to navigate and control what is stored in the archive.