Here's the full list of what Siri can do

Allow Apple's AI to assist you

Siri is Apple's AI assistant, looking to make your everyday life that bit easier. If you've ever wondered 'is there anything she can't do?' wonder no more. 

Here is the full list of what Siri can do for you. 

Basic functions:

  • Call or FaceTime someone by saying ‘Call Jess Kelly’ or ‘FaceTime Dad’
  • Call the emergency services by saying ‘Call 999’ or ‘Call an ambulance’
  • Check your voicemail by saying ‘Do I have any new voicemail?’
  • Text someone by saying ‘Tell [name] [message]’
  • Send someone an email by saying ‘Send an email to [name] about [subject] and say [message]’
  • Hear your messages or emails read to you, by asking Siri ‘Read my new messages’ or ‘Check email’
  • Check the weather by asking, ‘What’s the weather like today?’ or ‘Do I need an umbrella?’
  • Set a timer by saying ‘Set the timer for 15 minutes’
  • Check the markets by asking ‘What’s Apple’s stock price?’ or ‘Where’s the FTSE 100 today?’
  • Calculate the service charge by asking ‘What is a 12.5% tip on €40?’
  • Convert currency and weights 


  • Check what your meetings are by asking ‘What appointments do I have tomorrow?’
  • You can also schedule or cancel a meeting by saying, ‘Schedule a meeting with [name] tomorrow at 5 pm’, or ‘Cancel my meeting at 9 am’
  • Set alarms by saying, ‘Set an alarm for 6 am’ or ‘Set an alarm for eight hours from now’
  • Or just turn them all off, by saying ‘Turn off all alarms’
  • Find out what time it is in another part of the world, by asking ‘What time is it in Las Vegas?’
  • Set location-based reminders by saying ‘Remind me to call my sister when I leave work’
  • Find out when holidays are by asking ‘What day is Christmas 2017?’
  • Check how many days there are between dates, by saying ‘How many days between March 25th and April 15th?’ or ‘How many days until March 25th?

Change settings

  • Turn off your Wifi, Bluetooth, data, ‘night shift’ and ‘do not disturb’, and switch your phone to Aeroplane Mode
  • Take a picture or a selfie
  • Increase or decrease your phone screen’s brightness
  • Set relationships with your contacts – for example, ‘My sister is Emma Kelly’. Once you do that, you can just ask Siri to ‘call my sister’.
  • Open apps by just saying ‘Open [name of app]’.


  • Ask it to ‘Take me home’, or get the best route by asking it to ‘Find [driving, walking, public transport] directions to [your destination]’.
  • If you’re driving, ask Siri ‘What’s traffic like on the way home?’
  • Ask where something is by saying, ‘Where is [business name]?’ or ‘Where is the nearest [business type]?’ – for example, you could ask ‘Where is Insomnia?’ or ‘Where is the nearest cafe?’
  • Find out when you’ll arrive somewhere by asking ‘What’s my ETA?


  • Check your flight status by saying, ‘Check flight status of [airline and flight number]’
  • Find a place’s opening hours by asking ‘How late is [name of attraction] open?'
  • Find a restaurant and book a table by saying, ‘What’s a good vegan restaurant near me?’ and ‘Make a reservation at TriBeCa for 8 pm’
  • Figure out where you are by asking Siri, ‘Where am I?’


  • Ask Siri to define, get a synonym for or find the etymology of a word by asking: ‘Define [word]’, ‘What is a synonym for [word]?’, or ‘What’s the etymology of [word]?’
  • Find your photos by saying, ‘Show me my selfies’, ‘Show me photos from Prague’, or ‘Show me photos from yesterday’
  • Search Twitter for things, like ‘What’s Pat Kenny saying?’ or ‘What’s trending on Twitter?’
  • Find notes or emails by asking it to ‘Find my note about [keyword]’, or ‘Find emails about [keyword]’
  • Find apps to download on the App Store, by asking it to ‘Search the App Store for [app name]’


  • You can find out sports results by asking ‘Who won the Six Nations final?'
  • Get details on fixtures by asking Siri, ‘What rugby matches are on today?’
  • Find cinema timings by asking, ‘What’s showing at Cineworld tonight?’ or ‘Is [film name] playing near me?’
  • Find out more about films by asking, ‘What’s the synopsis of [film name]?’
  • If you have Shazam installed, you can ask Siri what song is playing by asking ‘What song is this?’
  • If you’re playing music, you can ask it to ‘play’, ‘pause’ or ‘stop’, ‘skip’ or ‘next’, ‘play previous song’, or ‘shuffle’.
  • You can also ask it to ‘Play [artist]’ – or song name, or album
  • Choose the next song by asking, ‘After this, play Bohemian Rhapsody’
  • Get it to play you the chart hits from certain years, by saying ‘Play the top songs from 1984’
  • Play similar stuff to the song you’re already listening to by saying ‘Play more like this’
  • Ask Siri ‘What song is this?’, or even tell it to ‘Buy this song’ if you’re using Apple Music


  • Try and get laugh out of Siri by saying, ‘Tell me a joke’, ‘Knock knock’ or ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’
  • Ask Siri, ‘What’s your favourite colour?’
  • Ask it to ‘Read me a haiku’
  • Make major life decisions by asking Siri to ‘Flip a coin’.