Health Minister commits to providing medical cards to 10,000 very sick children

Simon Harris says the children will be provided with a medical card without having to go through means testing

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The Health Minister says he is committed to providing medical cards to more than 10,000 very sick children.

In a statement this evening, Simon Harris said he was very confident that he would be able to get cross-party support for this Bill when it is brought to the Oireachtas.

He also says he hopes the support will allow it to 'pass quickly' through the Dáil and Seanad so families can start receiving the benefits.

The Bill would automatically provide medical cards for very sick children who are in receipt of Domiciliary Care Allowance.

As a result, families would no longer have to go through means testing.

Minister Harris said: “Families all around the country are caring for about 30,000 very sick children. They currently receive Domiciliary Care Allowance but one-in-three do not get a medical card.

I am extending this to include 10,000 more children in receipt of the DCA who will be provided with a medical card. I hope that not having to worry about applying for a medical card will help these families in some small way," he added.