Hans Zimmer retires from scoring superhero movies

"Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" will be his last soundtracking work for the genre

Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer has announced today that he will no longer be providing scores to superhero movies.

Zimmer, who won the Academy Award for his composing work on The Lion King as well as being nominated an addition eight times, had previously worked on the soundtracks to the likes of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Man Of Steel and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, has most recently co-scored Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice with Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrackers Junkie XL.

In an interview with the BBC, Zimmer stated that he would no longer be working in the superhero genre: "I did Batman Begins with Chris [Nolan] 12 years ago, so The Dark Knight Trilogy might be three movies to you, to me it was 11 years of my life."

Speaking about Batman V Superman, he stated: "This one was very hard for me to do, to try to find new language."

Zimmer is currently working on the Inferno - the third in the series of adaptations of Dan Brown novels - and Dunkirk - the WWII thriller directed by Christopher Nolan.

Zimmer is set to play a live set of his orchestrations in the Three Arena in Dublin on May 26th.