FujiFilm Instax 10: The instant camera that costs a pretty penny but fails to pack a punch

Hands-on with FujiFilm's instant camera that can print within seconds

I am fond of printing photos. I have written about it extensively in the past and was incredibly excited when FujiFilm's Instax SQ10 arrived onto my desk. 

This camera allows users to point, shoot and print photos within 90 seconds. The images are printed on square photo paper.

Out of the box, this looks like a beautiful and sturdy device. The model provided for review is black and silver. It comes with a thin arm strap, which is most definitely necessary if you're planning to carry this device around. 

The setup is very easy, meaning you're up and running within a matter of minutes. 

I really wanted to love this camera but found myself quite disappointed at the quality of images captured. I found that the lens struggled to capture the light correctly, meaning some images were saturated and others were washed out. 

These are some of the photos I captured over the weekend, out in natural light. I tried different settings and editing post-capture, but nothing seemed to help. 

Needless to say, I was rather disappointed with the camera's performance. If you're paying €300 for a camera device, you want the images to be worth displaying. The novelty of printing isn't enough to accept that sort of image quality. 

The refills are not overly cheap either. I shopped around and found the average price for 10 refills to be €20. 

The bottom line is that it is a fun piece of technology but I could not recommend it following this review. If the images captured were of a higher quality or if the editing options impacted the final product a bit more, then perhaps. As it stands, however, this sits in the gimmick category for me.