Frenemies, trolls... and balls - Alan Shatter stars in Newstalk's final Carpool Candidates

"You always have to be careful not to abuse a Shatter ball, this is a really bad thing"

Henry McKean gives former minister Alan Shatter a ride around his constituency in the latest episode of Carpool Candidates where they discuss his relationship with Enda Kenny, trolling and the infamous 'Shatter ball' he doles out to constituents while canvassing.

The Fine Gael TD for Dublin Rathdown also spoke about being on the receiving end of "fairly appalling racist anti-Semitic" comments on social media.

While some of his family members found the commentary "upsetting", Shatter says he believes it's "partially sad" that some people "feel it’s politically advantageous to dip into a somewhat dark and discredited pool."

When it comes to the outcome of the General Election, Shatter says his "nightmare is on March 1st [and] I wake up and discover Gerry Adams is Taoiseach with a Sinn Féin-led government with a random disparate group of 40 independents".

He also spoke about his relationship with the current Taoiseach and leader of his party Enda Kenny, insisting that the pair get on while denying they are ‘Frenemies’ or that he would drop a political bomb on the eve of the election.

One campaign tactic he does endorse, however, is the success of his 'Shatter ball' which he gives away to potential voters. Unfortunately, when he presented one to Henry during the interview, it got stuck under the car brakes, at which point the former minister wryly observed: "You always have to be careful not to abuse a Shatter ball, this is a really bad thing."

Take a look at a clip from the interview below:

As part of Newstalk's Election Coverage GE2016 Henry McKean invited candidates to take a drive with him around their constituency to find out about the person behind the personality. Being in a tight space with someone can sometimes open up conversation or get very awkward. The series of radio reports on includes Willie O’Dea, Mary Mitchell O’Connor and Mattie McGrath.

Carpool Candidates is a series of reports on Moncrieff on Newstalk 106-106, below is a link to the audio & video.