First look at Nintendo's immersive new theme park

Fans of a certain Italian plumber will be flocking to Japan...

It's not set to throw open its doors – unless they're expecting you to gain entry through a green warp pipe, that is – until 2020, but Nintendo has given the world a first, fittingly virtual look at its much-anticipated theme park. 

"Super Nintendo World" is being constructed in Universal Studios Japan, located in the city of Osaka, and due to join its already myriad attractions in time for the Tokyo Olympics. Similar attractions in California and Florida are then set to follow.

The initial computer-generated  teaser is understandably focused on the gaming company's most famous star. Indeed, it appears to drop you slap bang in the middle of a Super Mario video game, which bodes well for a truly immersive experience.

Have a gander for yourself...

In terms of real-world progress, ground has just been formally broken on a project that is now expected to cost as much as 60 billion yen (or roughly $455 million).

Nintendo said when announcing its partnership with Universal Studios last December:

"Super Nintendo World will feature rides and attractions, interactive areas, shops and restaurants based on popular Nintendo games and their characters. Characters from Super Mario, a series cherished all around the globe, will of course make an appearance, amongst a string of other popular Nintendo characters.

"It’s the world’s first Nintendo area that will truly bring the world of Nintendo to life, and you will have an awesome time using all 5 of your senses to enjoy everything it has to offer."