Fine Gael continues contact with Independent Alliance

The sides “still have a lot of issues to work through”

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Members of the Independent Alliance going into a meeting at Government Building today | Image:

Fine Gael will continue contacts with the Independent Alliance today in a bid to form a minority led Government.

A formal meeting between the two sides will happen tomorrow. Enda Kenny still needs the support of at least six more TDs if he is to be elected Taoiseach on Wednesday.

Kevin 'Boxer' Moran of the Alliance says he and his colleagues still have a lot of issues to work through with Fine Gael.

"I don't think we'll have a Government on Wednesday, I know a lot of people are saying we will.

"I believe it'll be Thursday, or even it could go to Friday, because we ourselves are only halfway through our talks in our final document with Fine Gael, it's 132 pages."

Fianna Fáil's agreed to support the administration, over three budget terms, after the two parties reached a deal on water charges.

However the Anti Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy says the issue hasn't gone away:

“Obviously they are attempting to maintain the potential to come back with water charges and the agenda of water commoditisation and privatisation in the future through the maintenance of Irish Water and the establishment of a commission, whose purpose will basically be to find a way to keep water charges in some sense in place.

“So I think the movement will need to continue to demand that there are no arrears pursued off people.”