Fianna Fáil member loses legal challenge to law on gender quotas

Brian Mohan says he will be taking steps to appeal straight away

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Brian Mohan. Image:

A member of Fianna Fáil has lost his legal challenge to the law on gender quotas, which allows State funding to be cut for non-complaint parties.

A directive instructing Fianna Fáil members in Dublin Central to pick one female candidate to contest the general election effectively ended Brian Mohan’s chances.

During last month’s legal challenge, he claimed the law - which requires parties to run at least 30% female candidates or face a 50% cut to their State funding - was unconstitutional.

He also said the Oireachtas acted outside its powers in trying to influence an election in such a way.

However Mr Justice David Keane today rejected all his arguments, and said there was nothing to suggest his exclusion was imposed by the Act rather than a decision made by the party.

He also found he had no legal standing to bring the challenge in the first place.

Speaking after the hearing, the DCU student said he would be taking steps to appeal straight away.

Mr Mohan spoke to Lunchtime this afternoon. He explained, "I was selected chairman of the constituency uncontested, and I was very, very confident of winning the convention and going forward to seek a Dáil seat".

However, he stressed he is looking forward to campaigning for Mary Fitzpatrick and other Fianna Fáil candidates in Dublin: