Facebook rolls out ‘Stories’ following successful Irish trial

Irish users have had the feature for some time now

Facebook rolls out ‘Stories’ following successful Irish trial

Eric Risberg / AP

We told you back in January that Irish users were being used to trial Facebook Stories and it seems that the trial went well. The social media giant has rolled the feature out to all users. 

You may have noticed small floating circles at the top of your news feed on Facebook. This is the home of Stories and it's here to stay. 

Facebook came under fire last year for bringing 'Stories' to Instagram, the firms photo-sharing application. Many criticised the firm for "copying and pasting" Snapchat's model on its own platform. Facebook also owns WhatsApp, which also embraced a similar feature recently, called Status. Users can share video and photo updates with all of their contacts. 

It was only a matter of time before a similar feature arrived onto Facebook itself. If you are familiar with Instagram Stories, you'll be well able for this. A simple swipe to the left will allow users to capture an image using Facebook Camera. A tap on the screen brings users to a page called 'Share photo'. From here, it's possible to put the image up on your Facebook feed, send directly to a friend or group of friends or add it to your 'Story'. 

As with all of the 'Stories', those posted to Facebook will disappear after 24 hours. But users can opt to save the posts to their phones.