Evening top 5; Fatal car crash in Limerick; euthanasia in Belgium

Saturday's big stories

A three-year old girl has died after sustaining catastrophic injuries in a crash on the M20 near Patrickswell, Co Limerick.

The girl's twin brother, who was also traveling in the car, was taken by ambulance from the scene to University Hospital Limerick, where his condition is believed to be stable.

The boy is said to have sustained "minor head and facial injuries".


In Belgium, a terminally ill child is reported to have become the first to be euthanised under new legislation.

The country's euthanasia age restrictions were lifted in 2014 following heated debate over the issue.

It is the only country in the world that allows the medically assisted death of children of any age.


A stuntman has successfully jumped the Snake River Canyon in a tribute to his boyhood idol Evel Knievel.

Eddie Braun, 54, hurtled across the 1,400ft wide canyon in southern Idaho in a custom-built rocket dubbed "Evel Spirit".

The rocket hit an estimated 400mph (around 640km/h) before its parachute deployed, allowing Mr Braun to land safely in fields on the other side.


Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump is facing criticism after being accused of hinting at the assassination of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for a second time.

Speaking at a rally in Miami, Mr Trump called for Mrs Clinton's bodyguards to give up their guns and "see what happens to her".

He told supporters his rival wanted to "destroy the second amendment" - referring to the right to own guns.


Ireland's boxers had a tough time at the Olympics in Rio 2016, and when they turned to their corner for help, the familiar face of Billy Walsh was nowhere to be seen. 

The Wexford man had lead Ireland's High Performance Unit and their boxing team to incredible success, with Katie Taylor, Michael Conland and Paddy Barnes all flourishing under his guidance. 

Along with the rest of the team, they were looking forward to once again proving their position as the most successful of Ireland's Olympics contingent, but it wasn't to be.