Electric flights may be a reality within a decade

Wright Electric is a startup looking to make it happen

A new start-up has stated its intentions to offer an electric powered commercial flight from London to Paris over the next decade. While the plane has yet to be developed, the firm says it could carry 150 people on journeys less than 300 miles. 

Wright Electric says the move from jet fuel could dramatically reduce the cost of travel. The firm has already received expressions of interest from low-cost airline Easyjet. 

Speaking to the BBC, the airline said, "Easyjet has had discussions with Wright Electric and is actively providing an airline operator's perspective on the development of this exciting technology."

The company said that as well as lower fuel costs for the airlines, the technology could have a major added benefit for the public.

"Depending on how it's designed, you can have an electric plane that's substantially less loud than a fuel plane," said Jeff Engler, co-founder of Wright Electric.

"The way we've designed our plane is to have modular battery packs for quick swap using the same cargo container that's in a regular airplane," Engler said. "We want it to be as fast as possible, so airlines can keep their planes in the air as long as possible and cover their costs."