Electric Ireland issues phishing scam warning

Watch out for "@electricireland.ie" emails...

Electric Ireland is warning its customers to exercise caution when dealing with supposed emails from the energy company.

Cyber criminals are now targeting people with high-tech ESB phishing emails, according to the Independent.

Scammers are using addresses such as "youraccountonline@electricireland.ie" to trick customers into giving them their details.

The emails refer to "electric bills", offer refunds and come complete with links to websites closely mimicking the ESB page. E

Electric Ireland's online billing system has not been compromised and customers' personal data has not been obtained any other way.

An Electric Ireland spokesman told the Independent:
"This is an ongoing thing over the last number of months.

"It is incredible how sophisticated that latest mail is. These are not just rudimentary scams anymore.

"These emails have nothing to do with Electric Ireland. The instructions on these emails vary, often seeking a response, they may provide a link or attachment and request personal data.

"Please ensure you do not enter any of your details. If you have entered your Electric Ireland online username and password, we urge you to reset your password immediately".