EU approves app as form of contraception

Could this be the end of the pill?

A mobile phone application has received medical approval to be used as a contraceptive in the EU. This move could spell the end of traditional forms of hormonal birth control. 

Natural Cycles is a fertility tracking app that can inform users if they are fertile or not by monitoring their temperature. The app can tell users how fertile they are on a given day and if they can have sex without the risk of pregnancy.  

This is the first time technology of this nature has been classified as being effective in terms of contraception. The company posted on their site earlier this week,

"Natural Cycles has officially become the only app approved for contraception in Europe. We are happy to be able to say that the app is now an approved and CE marked medical device of class IIb, intended to be used for contraception." 



Women must take their temperature every morning and insert the data into the app. The app can tell the days users will be fertile based upon minor temperature fluctuations after ovulation. 

It was created by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr. Berglund and her husband Dr. Raoul Scherwitzl who used their mathematical backgrounds to design an algorithm that can learn individual women's temperature fluctuations over time.  

"The algorithm, which is the brains behind the app that calculates your green and red days, has been shown to be highly accurate. It takes many factors into account such as sperm survival, cycle irregularities, and temperature into account to accurately detect and predict ovulation and fertile days," says the company.