Dutchman launches bid to legally make himself younger

Emile Ratelband says the move will prevent age discrimination and improve his chances on Tinder

Dutchman launches bid to legally make himself younger

Emile Ratelband. Image: Facebook

A 69-year-old man is taking the Dutch State to court in an attempt to legally make himself 20 years younger.

Former TV personality Emile Ratelband launched the legal bid in the city of Arnhem on Monday.

Now a motivational speaker, Mr Ratelband is arguing that if it is possible to change your name and your gender – it should also be possible to change your age.

He told De Telegraaf newspaper that the change will prevent him being discriminated against based on his age – while also increasing his options on dating app Tinder.

Describing himself as a ‘young god,’ he told the paper that at 69 he is constantly reminded of his limitations.

If he is allowed to change his age however he said he can “buy a new house or drive another car.”

“If I put on Tinder that I am 69, I will not get a response,” he said. “If I’m 49, with this face of mine, I will be rammed.”

Mr Ratelband is aiming to have his date of birth officially changed from March 11th 1949 to the same date in 1969.

A Dutch lawyer told the paper that Mr Ratelband has “no chance” of winning his case.