Dublin Bus marks its 30th anniversary

Drivers have been recalling their best experiences to mark the occasion

Dublin Bus are celebrating 30 years of service today.

After three decades in operation, Dublin Bus carried an estimated 125.3 million passengers last year - making it by far the busiest public transport provider in the country.

The company has launched a special book to mark its anniversary, filled with stories from drivers throughout the years.

Des O'Toole - who joined the company in 1975, before it became a separate subsidiary of the wider CIE group in 1987 - today remembered one of his fondest memories of the job.

He recalled: "[When] Queen came to Slane, and we did the Slane bus. There were so many passengers, and I had a big ghetto blaster.

"I put a Queen tape on it, and put it down by the microphone. They sang all the way back - there wasn't a word out of them, just singing all the way."

He also explained the story of one customer in particular - Ethel from Bray: