Court bans Uber from Italy

The company says it is 'shocked' by the decision

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File photo. Image: Eric Risberg / AP/Press Association Images

Uber seems to be fighting battles around the world at present. Since the beginning of the year, the firm has faced allegations of sexual harassment and became embroiled in the White House's ban on refugees from predominantly Muslim countries. Celebrities were encouraging the use of #deleteuber.

All in all, 2017 has not bee a great year for the firm. And the Italians have just made it worse. 

An Italian court has ordered Uber to stop all activities across the entire country. The court stated Uber represents 'unfair competition' for taxi drivers. 

The court in Rome continued by saying that while Uber is a transportation company, it does not respect transportation laws. The main issue seems to be the fact that rates are not set by the transport authority. This means traditional taxis in the country cannot compete with Uber in terms of price. 

The company has 10 days to shut down its entire operation within Italy and is not allowed to run any form of advertising. If the company continues to operate it will have to pay €10,000 per day.  

Speaking to La Repubblica, the company has said it will appeal the decision. It believes the transportation law is outdated and does not benefit Italian users.