WATCH: Corbyn attends mass rally in final hours of UK election campaign

Voters go to the polls on Thursday

WATCH: Corbyn attends mass rally in final hours of UK election campaign

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at a rally in Glasgow on the last full day of campaigning for the general election | Image: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/PA Images

The UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has led a rally of over 5,000 people in Birmingham, as part of the last hours of the British general election.

Introducing him was actor and comedian, Steve Coogan, who derided Tory stalwart Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson as a Tory "upper-class twit."

Theresa May was not safe from attack either, and the 'I'm Alan Partridge' actor said she had the "charisma of a pancake."

Polls are diverging, and YouGov poll said Tuesday that Theresa May is set to fall 21 seats short of a majority, the London Independent has reported.

Meanwhile others put the gap between 1 and 12 points.

Jeremy Corbyn pledged to Labour supporters to introduce a pupil-arts premium so "every child in every school can learn a musical instrument".

He also pledged to ensure free lunches remain part of the government's policy, and would extend it to every child in every primary school.

Security will be very tight at the UK's 50,000 polling stations tomorrow, where over 20 million people are due to vote.

Britain has suffered two terror attacks in 12 days.

The discovery of a body in the Thames River today brings the death toll of Saturday's attack to eight.