Clash of Clans blocked in Iran over "tribal war" fears

The country's justice ministry are afraid it promotes violence among young people

Clash of Clans blocked in Iran over "tribal war" fears

Picture by Mohsen Tavarro AP/Press Association Images

Access to the hugely popular app Clash of Clans is being blocked in Iran after the Ministry of Justice said they fear it promoting tribal warfare.

The Internet and web activities have been censored in Iran for many years, and this isn’t the first major mobile app to be banned in the country. Pokemon Go was blocked earlier this year over similar security concerns.

Image credit: AndroidCentral

Iran’s Committee for Determining Instances of Criminal Content are backing the ban after receiving a report from psychologists saying the game promotes a “clear example of violence through education and the promotion of tribal war”.

There were over 5.5 million Clash of Clans players in Iran reported in 2015.