Carlow hits headlines over graphic dog-fouling posters

The 'Pick It Up' campaign aims to combat the issue in the county

Carlow County Council has hit the headlines for its latest range of anti-dog fouling advertisements - some of which have been deemed graphic by members of the public.

One advert features a graphic image of dog-fouling next to a baby, emblazoned with the headline 'Pick It Up, Or I Will'.


Image: Carlow County Council

Jeanette O'Brien, Environment Awareness Officer of Carlow County Council, said the hard-hitting campaign was necessary.

"We decided to show people the full repercussions of their actions," she said. "We sat down and we looked at those that are vulnerable in our communities. The rest of us, as able-bodied people, we're lucky, we can play hop-skotch and wipe it off."

The council engaged with a wide variety of demographics, including manual wheelchair-users, children, cane-users, among others.

As part of this, the council and school children made dog poo out of chocolate and peanut butter for the ad campaign, as well as featuring local children.

James Lakes, Environmental Officer from Carlow County Council, told Newstalk Drive he has heard "every excuse under the sun" when it comes to owners not taking responsibility. 

"Dog poo is a national problem because people love their pets, they take them for a walk and they enjoy being out with them," he said. "They don't realise that when their dog does their business that it's an offence to leave them behind.

"As the owner, you're destroying a public place. There are people using the footpaths and the parks where you're walking your dog [...] We can't be everywhere as patrol officers, but there is a fine of €150 for the offence and it will be enforced."

Lakes concluded by encouraging locals to report incidences to their local authority.