Barclaycard working on technology to abolish supermarket queues

Shoppers will be able to "Grab and Go"

While online shopping has become more common, there are still days when we find ourselves stuck in a long queue in the supermarket. 

Barclaycard is working to develop technology that could make those queues a thing of the past. This will be done by enabling shoppers to charge items to their mobile phone. 

Shoppers will scan items with their smartphone camera via an app. This app will be connected to the shopper's credit card, meaning items are paid for without having to go through a checkout. 

Usman Sheikh, Barclaycard’s director of design and experimentation, is leading the project, which is currently being trialled by Barclays workers at their Canary Wharf headquarters. Sheikh says a high-street retailer will pilot the technology within the next twelve months. 

“People want less and less friction when they’re shopping,” Mr Sheikh said. “The time involved is literally a fraction of what it would take to go to the till.”

This technology can work both through the Barclaycard app or through a retailer's own app. Retailers can monitor the transactions on a screen and verify purchases via e-receipts.