4 apps that will help you manage your money

These can help watch what you're spending

There is no shortage of 'money minder' apps available at present, but it can be tricky to find ones that are easy to use or that actually make a difference. 

After trying a whole host of options, here are my four must-haves for managing your money from your smartphone. 

Spendee - iOS and Android (Free)

I have been on the hunt for an easy-to-use app that will help manage my daily spending for some time. There is a huge number of finance apps available on both the iOS and Android app store, but many of them use dollars or Sterling as their default currency. 

I logged into Spendee via my Facebook account, meaning there was very little set-up involved. Once I inserted my incomings and outgoings, I was able to see how exactly I spend my money, with values displayed in Euro.  

The interface is very clean and the information is presented in an easy to digest fashion. I've been able to identify money-wasting trends and (hopefully) kill them off. 

There is a premium option available, within the app, but I have found the free version does everything I need it to. 

Circle - iOS and Android (Free)

Circle is the technological solution for splitting the bill. If you're out for dinner with friends, rather than having that awkward moment when someone breaks out the calculator, it's possible for one person to pay and for everyone else to transfer money instantly via Circle. 

It's a totally secure and completely free way to send payments between friends, family or housemates. 

Expensify - iOS and Android (Free) 

This is a must-have for anyone who needs to claim back expenses. 

This service is available in a web-browser, as well as the app. While it may seem overwhelming upon the first log-in, it's actually very easy to navigate through. Receipts and expenses can be logged on the go, via the app and then submitted at a time that suits the user. 

It's totally free to use and takes the headache out of managing expenses. 

PriceSpy - iOS and Android (Free)

I don't make any big purchases without first checking the PriceSpy app. 

You enter the name of the produce you're after and PriceSpy will pull together a list of retailers that stock the product and order them by price, from lowest to highest. 

This can be anything from laptops to nappies. It is regularly updated and has yet to let me down!