10-year-old boy leads police on 160km/h car chase

Officers in the US pursued the child through Cleveland for about 72km before catching him

10-year-old boy leads police on 160km/h car chase

Image: Ohio State Highway Patrol

A 10-year-old boy has been arrested in the US after leading police on a 160km/h car chase.

Officers pursued the child for about 72km through Cleveland before they were able to stop him, according to local media reports.

Witnesses raised the alarm when they spotted the boy weaving in and out of traffic, almost running several vehicles off the road.

Three police officers followed the 2004 Toyota Avalon for several miles, before the boy drove through a toll booth on to a motorway.

Four traffic officers then joined in the chase and laid down spiked speed bumps in the road to try to stop him.

The boy veered into a ditch to avoid them, however an officer managed to nudge the boy's car into a road sign to bring it to a halt after the 50-minute chase.

Other patrol cars then boxed it in.

"It was very lucky no one was hurt," said Highway Patrol Sergeant Tim Hoffman.

The boy kicked at one officer and tried to spit at others, according to WEWS-TV, as they tried to remove him through the car window.

Police said prosecutors were considering criminal charges.