Game of Thrones - The Final Season

Game of Thrones - The Final Season. Can you identify who is dead and who is alive after the penul...

15.30 29 Apr 2019

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Game of Thrones - The Final Season


15.30 29 Apr 2019

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Keep up to date with Game of Thrones Season 8 - with plenty of spoilers from the earlier seasons

Game of Thrones - The Final Season.

Can you identify who is dead and who is alive after the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones? Take our quiz below:

Dragonglass, daggers and death.


Episode 3 Recap - Not Today, Naysayers!

This is probably far more of a personal version of a review than should be allowed for a "critic" but I have to go all out on this one. The Long Night, the third episode in the final season of Game of Thrones, is the best episode of television I have ever seen.

I write that now knowing that in ten years someone is going to pull this review out and say, look here, you said this and I will still stand over this statement.

Here's why:

First of all, let's deal with the big problem - the dark.  "I can't see it!!", wailed fans on social media and you know what? You're meant to see about as much as the makers intended. This is a battle, taking place in the dark. The Long Night. The Endless Night looming that the Night King has promised. Was everyone looking for bloody floodlights? You saw what you were meant to see - even the cinematographers who are working on the biggest show of all time stated that. They want you to be as confused as the characters facing the unknown. We've had hints of this coming for months now, even the trailers are kind of difficult to watch.

Secondly, the good old row about the Night King. "He's only here for three episodes and he's gone!" Well, no he's not. He's been here for about eight seasons now, waiting around in the background to launch his attack. He's being pulling those strings for quite a long time. Was he clever about that attack? No, Captain Arrogant was convinced no one could take him on but he didn't expect Arya.

Third, Arya. Every single second of every single episode has led Arya to this point. Needle, her relationship with Jon, protected by the Night's Watch, trained by the Hound (remember he showed her how to kill a man, through the heart?) and by the Faceless Men and good at a game of knife switch-a-roo with Brienne.  She's an assassin - fast, quiet, stealth and a dancer. She is the Prince (not necessarily a man, remember) that was promised.

Fourth, not enough people died. Well, that's right now. If there's anything we've learned about watching this series, surely it's that they're not going to give us exactly what we expect. Ned, The Red Wedding, Tyrion, Littlefinger, Joffrey, Cersei and the Sept - the list is endless. Granted, we probably weren't expecting as many people to survive but we definitely all thought half the cast was going to be gone by this week. Hang in there people, we'll all be complaining someone prominent is dead next week probably.

Fifth, Jon screaming at a dragon. Well that... that's just exactly what you're going to do at that stage when all hope is lost, isn't it? Like it's the 10.32am screaming match in McDonald's when you can't get your McMuffin and your hungover to bits. It's not reasonable but it's probably understandable.

Episode 2 Review - "Arise, Ser Brienne of Tarth"

This was an hour of GOT that we should all cherish, right? A proper GOT episode with some brilliant dialogue, room to breathe and some wonderful moments, with characters we may never see again. Each of them choosing how they'll spend their last nights, and some tying up loose ends.

Or once more, was the pace too slow for you? Do you feel Benioff and Weiss are teasing us all once more.

What did you think of Jaime's trial? Sue wasn't having it.
Did you well up like Will when Ser Brienne became a knight?
Andy Lee proposes a left-field candidate for the 'Prince That Was Promised.'
And where is the Night King? Tommy is fairly convinced of where he'll be in Episode 3.

Watch Off the Wall's the full review of Episode 2 below:

The Newstalk team talk about their least favourite characters on the show.

Episode 1 Review - "My real name is Aegon Targaryen"

Finally! - it's arrived, Season 8 of Game of Thrones - The final season has kicked off and Off The Wall are here to break it all down for you.

Have you been wondering why Bran is so creepy, how close the Night King is to Winterfell, what Sansa and and Cersei have up their sleeves, or what it means now that Jon is revealed to be a Targaryen?

Well Andy Lee, Sue Murphy and Tommy Rooney are here to guide you through the episode, scene-by-scene.

It was an episode of scene-setting and reunions ahead of what's to come, we'll also take a peak at the teaser released for Episode 2 - why is Tyrion on the wall?

A lot of our predictions have come to fruition so far - but what's in store for the characters of Westeros? Andy's grasp of the history and vast universe that George R. R. Martin has created will further improve your knowledge of what's occurring throughout the eighth season!

Watch Off the Wall's the full review of Episode 1 below:

We asked some of the Newstalk team about their favourite characters on the show.

Game of Thrones: The final season begins.

As we get into April and the days start getting longer and warmer, the signs are all pointing to one thing – winter is finally here.

For Game of Thrones fans, the Long Night is over.

After an absence of nearly 20 months, HBOs smash-hit epic returns to our screens this Monday.

Fans around the world have spent the last two years picking through the books and old episodes for any hint of what may be to come – with theories ranging from the outrageous to the downright infuriating driving heated debate online.

One thing is for sure, it is time to gear up for battle. The series has already thrown up some of the most memorable fight scenes in cinematic history and, if rumours from the set are anything to go by, we are about to be treated to the mother of them all.

We ask the people of Newstalk what their most memorable #GOT moment was over the last 7 seasons.

Hundreds of people spent 11 weeks shooting the ‘Battle of Winterfell’ in Northern Ireland last year and with director Miguel Sapochnik – the man behind ‘Hardhome’ and the ‘Battle of the Bastards’ – at the helm, it is sure to be an episode for the ages.

The battle is expected to play out over a mammoth hour-and-a-half episode in the middle of the final series.

With just six episodes in total, the coming weeks should finally answer some of the questions the most dedicated of fans have been asking since the first books were first released in the 1990s.

  • As the white walkers begin their long march from the north, just how deep will Cersei’s treachery go?
  • Where lies the rest of the Lannisters’ loyalty as Jaime abandons his sister and heads north to join Tyrion in battling the Army of the Dead?
  • Will the Mother of Dragons’ incestuous union with the White Wolf bring glory or abomination to Westeros?
  • Will fans finally be treated to the fight of the ages as the Hound faces off against the Mountain in the ‘Cleganebowl’ we have all been waiting for?
  • What next for the Stark sisters? And has Bran’s transformation from Stark to Three-Eyed-Raven left him more changed than any could have predicted?

All will be revealed this Monday, the 15th of April on Sky Atlantic.

In the meantime here is a look back at  Newstalk presenter Sean Moncrieff's visit to the 'real world Westeros' in Northern Ireland earlier this year.

Game of Thrones Tour, Co Antrim

During the trip, Sean and the team met Flip Robinson, owner and operator of Giant Tours, and visited some of Antrim's Game of Throne hotspots. Listen to the podcast below:

Game of Thrones - The Final Season

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