Stream on: Tips and Tricks to make the most of Spotify

Some ways to make the music streaming app work a bit better for you

After butting heads with Apple, Spotify have finally got an update through on the iOS App Store.

It's not a major overhaul, just featuring some new interface elements such as the app's menu being on the bottom of the screen rather than off to the side behind panes of songs as it was before. Now it's a lot more accessible and quick to navigate through.

While music is always front and centre with Spotify, it does have some very neat features that you can use to improve your experience with Spotify. It's the main thing that always pushed Spotify ahead of the competition for me, it's ability to do more interesting things with the music and experience it provides.

Here's some of the handiest tips and tricks hidden in the app.

1. Concerts

It's right there, front and centre, and yet still easy to miss. The Concerts tab under browse is a brilliant way for Spotify to get you experiencing music in a new way. Looking at the artists you have saved in the app, it'll tell you who's playing near you soon, and suggest other artists also playing that it'll think you'll like based on your listening history.

I never gave this feature much thought until I checked it recently and saw one of my favourite bands was playing in Dublin and somehow slipped completely under my radar. Spotify stepped up and made sure I knew.

2. Global Charts

I can get bored with chart music very quickly. I'm sorry if this makes me a hipster, but I like to scope around and see what else is popular in the world. Global charts show you a huge array of countries and what's topping the charts there.

I'm sure you didn't know a Shakira song was top in Ecuador, but now you can give it a listen and see if those Ecuadorians have as good taste as we do.

3. Private Session

This is guilty pleasure central. If you're getting ready for a night on the town or just unwinding on a Sunday, feel free to play the cheesiest tunes you want without getting caught.

Under the Social menu in settings, you can turn on a private session which hides whatever you're playing from your social feed on Spotify. Blast Abba or some disco music, no one will notice, except your neighbours.

4. Streaming Quality

This is one for the audio nerds among us. If you have Spotify playing through expensive speakers or headphones, you might notice the audio quality starts lacking a bit. The compressed MP3 files it sends could sound a whole lot better.

You change the quality of the stream you get to be a much higher bitrate, which could make a world of difference to those seeking very high end audio. It's not hugely necessary to everyday users, and beware, higher end audio means larger files, so make sure you do this over Wifi rather than your data.

5. Playlist Folders

If you're like me, then you like to group your music together into different genres or moods. Spotify does a great job with making their own playlists, but it's hard to beat your own curation. This might leave you with a huge collection of saved playlists.

Rather than have them all there, and leaving you scrolling forever, make playlist folders to sort them out a bit more. Bunch them together by genre or artist, however you want. It helps clean up your music collection within the app as well as giving you an excuse to listen to them all as you go through them.