Fish at Christmas

Are you including fish in your Christmas meal this year? Ken Ecock from Oceanpath joins Andrea with his tips. 

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14.49 17 Dec 2021

Fish at Christmas

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14.49 17 Dec 2021

Are you including fish in your Christmas meal this year? Ken Ecock from Oceanpath joins Andrea with his tips. 

Traditional Dublin Bay Prawn Cocktail 

75g Cooked Shelled Dublin Bay Prawns per person 

Iceberg Lettuce – Shredded.  

Marie Rose Sauce. 

5 Table Spoons Mayonaise 

5 Table Spoons of Ketchup or 1 Table Spoon Tomato Puree 

2 Tea Spoons of Worcestershire sauce 

Splash of Tabasco 

Squeeze of Lemon Juice 

And for an added Kick a splash of brandy 

Seafood Christmas Platter. 

There are so many great seafood dishes that work for all occasions but especially at Christmas. I’d recommend creating a Seafood Plate that’s not only full of colour but full of flavour too!  

It’s a winning combination of Dublin Bay Prawns, cooked Irish crab meat, and organic smoked salmon complemented by a basil and mayonnaise dressing and served with some crusty white bread.  

What’s great about this dish is it can be served as a starter or main course, with just a simple adjustment of quantities. 


Most supermarkets with fish counters will be selling fresh Irish oysters and some even include an oyster knife.  

They can be a little bit tricky to open so here are some tips: 

Step 1: Cover the palm of your hand with a folded tea towel. Place the cupped side of the oyster into your hand, with the flat side facing up. 

Step 2: Holding the oyster firmly with the towel insert the oyster knife into the hinge and lever upwards with a twisting motion. 

Step 3: Slide the blade along the underside of the shell to sever the muscle inside. 

Step 4: Use the knife to flip open the top shell, and then sever the muscle underneath which attaches the base of the oyster to the bottom shell. 

When it comes to serving oysters, It’s best to serve them raw, on the half shell with plenty of lemon for squeezing over or with a splash of Tabasco Sauce. Simply, place on a bed of ice, and there you have it. 

For something a bit more oriental sprinkle with some spring onion, chilli, ginger and a tea spoon of soy sauce.  

Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

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