'Appy trails as Nissan sells car completely through social media

Spanish man uses Twitter and Periscope to decide what car he wants

'Appy trails as Nissan sells car completely through social media

Photo: Nissan

You can send money over Snapchat and tweet someone a beer, and now you can buy a car completely over social media apps.

Nissan have become the first car maker to sell a car completely through Twitter.

It happened in Spain where Raul Escolano started tweeting the Spanish Nissan account with #compraruncocheportwitter, which translates as 'buy a car on Twitter'.

Mr Escolano tweeted multiple Spanish car dealerships, but the Nissan franchise Antamotor took up the challenge.

Antamotor really played along with Escolano's initiative, giving him a tour of some cars by live streaming the video to Periscope, and then used a Twitter poll to decide what model Escolano should buy.

They settled on an X-Trail, which got 43% of the vote after some convincing from both Nissan and Mr Escolano.

And for one last virtual transaction, the keys to the new car were sent to Mr Escolano by courier.

Mr Escolano then visited Nissan's Spanish headquarters to pick up the car, in the first face to face meeting since the process began two months ago.