Time is a ‘huge barrier’ in organising your home

Time is a “huge barrier” in organising your home according to a leading professional cleaner ...
Robert Kindregan
Robert Kindregan

11.16 1 Jan 2024

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Time is a ‘huge barrier’ in or...

Time is a ‘huge barrier’ in organising your home

Robert Kindregan
Robert Kindregan

11.16 1 Jan 2024

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Time is a “huge barrier” in organising your home according to a leading professional cleaner and decluttering expert.

It comes as thousands across Ireland plan to become more organised this year as a New Year's resolution.

On a special episode Alive and Kicking with Clare McKenna today, owner of Organised Chaos Sarah Reynolds said busy lives can get in the way of a clean home.


“One of the main barriers is time, it’s a huge barrier,” she said.

“We’re just so buys in our day-to-day lives and think that decluttering needs this enormous investment of time.

“At first, a client who starts working with me might have to give over three days but after that, it’s all about maintenance.

“You’re trying to get ahead of the clutter which does need an investment at the start but it’s not always going to be like that.”

Other factors

Ms Reynolds said there are other factors at play too.

“Sometimes you just need help as well,” she said.

“You feel like you need to do it all yourself which can be quite demotivating and cause a little bit of anxiety and tension which can be a barrier too.”

The organising expert recommends a consistent approach to tackling clutter.

“The better way is tipping away at it,” said Ms Reynolds.

“It’s kind of like getting fit; if you’re only going to go the gym on a Saturday it’s going to be quite a few Saturdays before you see the results.

“But, if you do three or four times per week, you’ll see much better results. It’s the same as decluttering if you're able to regularly tip away at it.”


Ms Reynolds also has advice for those who feel “overwhelmed” in deciding where to start.

“I always think that the best place to start is looking at the flat surfaces of your home, that could be the kitchen counters or kitchen island – even a bedside locker,” she said.

“Those sorts of things, the mantlepiece at the fire too, are great because you will get through it quick.

“They are quick to tidy up and you will immediately feel like you’re winning and be motivated to keep going.

“Flat surfaces immediately relax your third eye so mentally you will feel immediately better by removing clutter from open spaces.”

Prone areas

Some places are particularly prone to clutter, according to the leading expert.

“The kitchen island is a real clutter magnet,” said Ms Reynolds.

“Whether it’s the kitchen island or some other area in the home that you feel there is a lot of clutter accumulating.

“The first thing you need to do and look at what exactly is accumulating here.”

Ms Reynolds said designated zones for different items can be effective.

“You’re looking at the items and figuring out where is a better place for these to live,” she said.

“Batteries might have a little box under the stairs and school items and stationery could have a drawer.

“You could also look at a moveable trolley system where everyone could put things on that instead.”

Ms Reynolds added that people like to declutter their homes at this time of year as it “takes the heaviness out of it”.

Main image: A room stacked full of possessions. Credit: Chris Harris / Alamy Stock Photo

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