Salthill Cycleway: A plan dividing Galway

Last September councillors voted 17-to-one in favour of the plan
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

14.13 14 Feb 2022

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Salthill Cycleway: A plan divi...

Salthill Cycleway: A plan dividing Galway

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

14.13 14 Feb 2022

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A proposed, temporary six month cycleway in Salthill, Galway is coming to a head as councillors are to consider 7,500 submissions.

Last September councillors voted 17-to-one in favour of the €1m plan, which is due to open in March.

However since then many local politicians have flip-flopped on the promenade route - while emergency services, businesses and locals have complained.


Reporter Henry McKean, for The Pat Kenny Show, travelled the proposed route - along with some 400 people who want to keep it.

Neasa Welby lives in Knocknacarra, and says the cycleway is badly needed.

"I guess for me it would be fantastic - I ride a cargo bike with my two year old and four year old.

"So it'd amazing to have a safe link to the city.

"Usually I'll take a two kilometre detour to go around Salthill, it's so hostile.

"So if I don't have my husband cycling with me, kind of guarding me from behind, I won't bring the kids through Salthill".

Neasa says Galway's traffic problem stems from having no alternative to driving.

"I know myself I drive because it doesn't feel safe a lot of the time.

"There's zero alternative, there's been no cycle lanes built in years here in Galway.

"And there's a real appetitive for it.

Picture by: Henry McKean

"I talk to the parents at the school gate - everyone is kind of envious of me, but kind of thinks I'm brave because I cycle to school.

"And it shouldn't be something for the brave".

And she believes more people will use the facilities if they are there.

"At the moment [motorists] don't see people cycling, so obviously they feel frustrated thinking 'Oh we're catering for a minority'.

"But that minority will soon grow very quickly if we have safe infrastructure".

'The roads are too small'

Padraig says people should get out of their cars and on to bikes - but there's a catch.

"The unfortunate bit about Galway's traffic is that Galway's a garrison town, and the roads are too small.

"With this cycle lane, in my opinion, what it's doing is it would be determent to any business in Salthill - or the people that's going swimming in Salthill every day.

"That's going to put a extra 50 minutes on their journey".

Another man says the money could be better spent: "I don't think they should be spending €1m on a temporary cycle lane".

And another man suggested people will have to park elsewhere.

"Along by the Prom, there's an awful lot of people that come there and park there - and they have to park somewhere else".

While another, who describes himself as a 'keen cyclist' says: "I think it hasn't been fully thought through in terms of the impact on local traffic and local businesses.

"I'd be very supportive of a cycle lane going in, I think it's really important for the community.

"I don't think this plan's been thought through, because I don't think they know the impact it's going to have in terms of the summer peak months with parking, with people getting access to amenities, access to their homes".

Salthill Cycleway: A plan dividing Galway

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Main image: Cyclists take part in an event in support of the Salthill cycleway in Co Galway. Picture by: Henry McKean

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