Mother and daughters 'tied up' by ex-boyfriend in UK crossbow attack

It is believed 26-year-old Kyle Clifford is the ex-boyfriend of 25-year-old Louise Hunt, who died with her sister and mother
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

11.46 11 Jul 2024

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Mother and daughters 'tied up'...

Mother and daughters 'tied up' by ex-boyfriend in UK crossbow attack

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

11.46 11 Jul 2024

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A mother and two daughters murdered in an apparent crossbow attack at their home in England are believed to have been tied up before they were killed.

Carol Hunt (61) and her daughters Louise (25) and Hannah (28) were discovered at their home in Hertfordshire on Tuesday night.

They are the wife and daughters of BBC racing commentator John Hunt.


The suspect is 26-year-old Kyle Clifford - the ex-boyfriend of Louise Hunt.

Police were called to the house just before 7pm on Tuesday.

According to Hertfordshire Constabulary: "Sadly, despite their best efforts, the women, who are believed to be related, died a short time later at the scene."

Throughout Wednesday, police carried out a major manhunt for Kyle Clifford, who was found in a nearby cemetery at around 6pm.

Kyle Clifford Kyle Clifford. Image: Hertfordshire Constabulary

Police said he was injured but added that no shots were fired by officers.

London-based journalist Vincent McAvinney told Newstalk Breakfast Kyle Clifford was known to the family.

"What we understand happened was that these three [people] were found at their home in Hertfordshire, which is north of London, on Tuesday evening," he said.

"They had been shot by a crossbow, allegedly by Louise Hunt's ex-boyfriend Kyle Clifford.

"There are signs that they had been tied up; ligature marks have been found on them.

"The emergency services swung into action... but sadly all three appear to have died at their home".


Mr McAvinney said a "huge manhunt" was launched to find Kyle Clifford after the attack.

"He had spent some time in the army, we understand, and he was said to be armed and dangerous," he said.

"Yesterday afternoon he was discovered in a graveyard in Enfield - east of Hertfordshire - when police went in to search for him.

"He was stretchered away injured - not injured by the police - supposedly having injured himself at some point".

Mr McAvinney said Mr Hunt is "a very familiar voice" on the BBC for the last 20 years.

"You heard in the voices last night of fellow BBC 5 Live presenters, who had to go on-air to cover the England match, the shock of it all," he said.

"They spoke about it right at the top of their broadcast".

Law change

Mr McAvinney said changes to legislation in Britain will likely be forthcoming.

"It is not illegal in the UK to buy, sell, hire or possess a crossbow if you are over 18 years of age," he said.

"There's questions as to why you don't even need a licence to own one as is required with a gun.

"I think that law will likely now need to be re-examined".

Mr McAvinney added that Kyle Clifford is currently being treated in hospital and has yet to be charged.

Mr Clifford's older brother Bradley Clifford (30) is serving a life sentence for murdering a teenager in 2017.

'The loveliest people'

Tributes are being paid to the family in their community.

Rohit Mitra knew 25-year-old Louise Hunt from school, went to the same gym as her and saw her only a few days ago.

"She honestly was one of the loveliest people, one of the loveliest girls I knew," he said.

"She always had a smile and was very positive and hardworking. Genuinely a really, really sweet person.

"I can't imagine how someone could come to commit such an act, and do this to a family. I'm in complete shock to be honest."

Colleagues of Hannah Hunt paid tribute to the "fantastic therapist" in a post on Facebook on Thursday, saying it was with "deep regret and sadness" that The Anti-Ageing Clinic based in Hertfordshire learned of the "horrific murder on Tuesday night.

One of their neighbours, Su Kehinde (60) said as she laid flowers near the police cordon: "They were the loveliest, gentlest family.

"They were the meekest human beings. They did not deserve this. They were beautiful souls."

Her daughter April (32) knew Hannah and added that she "always had a smile".

Luisa, a friend of Louise who also used her dog grooming business, said she would often "send me pictures of my dog asleep during grooming"… "that's how much of a wonderful, relaxing person Louise was".

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Reporting by: IRN

Main image: Carol, Hannah and Louise Hunt

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