[Lunchtime Bite] Two bodies recovered from Clare coast

Two bodies have been located in the sea near Spanish Point in Co. Clare this afternoon. A search...

13.08 14 Aug 2012

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[Lunchtime Bite] Two bodies re...

[Lunchtime Bite] Two bodies recovered from Clare coast


13.08 14 Aug 2012

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Two bodies have been located in the sea near Spanish Point in Co. Clare this afternoon.

A search had been underway for two crew men aboard the “Lady Eileen” who were reported missing yesterday evening after they failed to arrive home to Quilty.

One of the men reported missing is described as being in his early 60s and is thought to have 3 children while the second man is in his late 20s and is believed to be expecting a baby with his partner next month.


Naval divers had been deployed to the scene earlier but they have not yet entered the water.

The two bodies remain at the scene this afternoon and will be taken to hospital in Limerick where they will be formerly identified and post-mortems will be carried out.

Local journalist Pat Flynn is at the scene.

“In the past few minutes we’ve received confirmation that two bodies have been located” he said.

“Now we don’t know whether they’ve been specifically recovered, but we know that no diving has taken place as yet – so it appears the bodies may have been found close to the surface”.

“We’re waiting confirmation; but the word is that 2 bodies have been recovered after a massive search which…began last night” he added.


Usain Bolt’s agent says Ireland needs to attract young people into athletics to compete better on the world stage.

Ricky Simms is originally from Milford in Co. Donegal and represents the fastest man on earth as well as other stars like double medal winner Mo Farah.

Despite comments from Usain Bolt at the weekend there are no firm plans for a visit to Donegal.

But the Jamaican sprinter is always asking when Ricky will take him to Ireland.

Speaking this morning Ricky Simms said athletics is a tough arena for Ireland to compete in.

“You know you get other sports in the Olympics Games that…the participation is much less – but in athletics you’ve got all of Africa, you know everywhere you go you get teams in athletics” he said.

“So it’s a very, very tough sport – Ireland have done very well in the past”.

“In Jamaica for example, sprinting is the national sport; in Ireland we’ve Gaelic Games, we’ve football, we’ve rugby, we’ve other sports that are attracting the talent”.

“So athletics has to try and attract that young talent” he added.

Lawyers for X-Factor judge Louis Walsh claim he has been obstructed every step of the way in his defamation action against The Sun.

He is suing over an article in June last year about false reports to gardai that he sexually assaulted Leonard Watters in the toilets of Dublin nightclub ‘Krystle’.

The Sun has been given 6 weeks to hand over files and bank statements toMr. Walsh relating to the newspaper’s investigation into claims by Mr. Watters that he was sexually assaulted by the music manager in Krystle nightclub.

In a defamation action against the tabloid the X-Factor judge alleges a journalist at The Sun offered 24-year-old Leonard Watters money to go to gardai and make the complaint.

This is denied by the tabloid which is being sued over an article published in June last year headlined ‘Louis probed over Sex Attack on Man in Loo’.

Watters has since been jailed for making the false reports to gardai.

Lawyers for The Sun today sought a stay on the discovery order but it  has been refused by Mr. Justice Iarfhlaith O’Neill who said it was unwarranted and that the matter had dragged on too long.

It looks like we may be heading for another recession.

New figures show a 0.2% EU contraction in the 2nd quarter.

This is the second consecutive fall which could be the lead-up to a double dip.

But it is not all bad news for Ireland.

Newstalk’s Jack Quann explains.

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