Garth Brooks: After Croke Park, I'm going back to my roots

The singer will play five nights at Dublin's Croke Park, with additional tickets due to go on sale
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

14.38 13 Jun 2022

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Garth Brooks: After Croke Park...

Garth Brooks: After Croke Park, I'm going back to my roots

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

14.38 13 Jun 2022

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US country superstar Garth Brooks says the size of his upcoming Irish shows aren't important, as long as they are sincere.

The singer says he will be returning to his roots after his five nights at Dublin's Croke Park.

He is playing the concerts in September, and will be filming them as part of a documentary.


All five sold out within hours - however, an extra batch is being put on sale on Thursday at 8am.

The country singer was due to play five nights at the stadium in 2014 - however, they were cancelled because organisers could not get licences.

Garth told Moncrieff why this will be the last of his big stadium shows.

"I know, as guys, we're not supposed to say 'size matters' - but it does man.

"It's unbelievable to hear that many people sing The River, or that many people sing Friends in Low Places.

"It's just crazy - but the truth is the band and crew, I've never seen them this busy.

"But this is for every gig that you play, the crew's got seven days invested in and out of it.

"And then they've got to go to the next city and do the same thing: right now's a perfect example: these guys haven't been home in four months.

"I think you want to take your band and crew into consideration - this is the best time of their lives.

"They've got kids graduating high school, they have all the proud moments as parents.

"So we'll do our thing - and my thing has never been the amount of people, it's all been the sincerity of who's there."

'Start the grassroots all over again'

But he says the venue is not what makes the show.

"You can find that in dive bars, you can find it in arenas, you can find it in fairs.

"It would be nice to kind of just start the grassroots thing kind of all over again.

"Now what's fun about it is when you did this before, you had one single out - well now you have a whole catalogue of songs.

"And not just a catalogue of songs: a catalogue of songs that it's proven that people know every word to it".

Garth says it's important not to get caught up in awards and gold records.

"I think it's just getting the music to the people and how do you do it? That's it.

"The whole thing is sincerity... it doesn't matter if there's five people or 500,000, as long as the sincerity is there.

"What I love about that is it opens up all windows, all types - this dive bar has really opened my eyes to what music is all about.

"And it's all about how you feel when you're playing it.

"We get so caught up in doing this for a living and the gold records and the charts and all this stuff.

"It's so neat to be reminded that music has no price tag on it - that's a sweet, sweet thing when you get caught up in this business".

Listen back to his full interview here

Main image: US singer Garth Brooks speaks at a news conference in Tennessee in July 2014. Picture by: John Lee Montgomery III / Alamy Stock Photo

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