Cut-the-Cost: How to dress warm on a budget

This week we're taking a deep dive into where you can get the best deals on winter clothes
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

00.01 4 Dec 2023

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Cut-the-Cost: How to dress war...

Cut-the-Cost: How to dress warm on a budget

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

00.01 4 Dec 2023

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The cold weather is biting and is here to stay, at least for the next dew days, so how can you keep warm for less?

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to bite, Newstalk is here to show you the best ways to save money.

Cut-the-Cost offers tips and advice on everything from your phone bill, broadbandstreaming services, banking and even your weekly shop.


This week we're taking a deep dive into where you can get the best deals on winter clothes.


Hat: Thinsulate Acrylic Hat €5

Gloves: Fleece Touchscreen Gloves €8

Coat: Woollen Bomber Jacket €50

Scarf: Ribbed Knitted Scarf €10

Thermal trousers: Thermal Long Pants €10


Hat: Turn-Up Beanie Hat €5

Gloves: Essential Cosy Gloves €2

Coat: Hooded Bomber Jacket €20

Scarf: Oversized Brushed Tassel Scarf €8

Thermal trousers: Long johns €6


Hat: Crane Thinsulate Hat €4.99

Gloves: Adults' Winter All-Round Gloves €7.99

Coat: N/A

Scarf: Cashmere Scarf €29.99

Thermal trousers: Lined leggings €6.99


Hat: Christmas Bobble Hat €5.99

Gloves: N/A

Coat: Quilted Jacket €14.99

Scarf: N/A

Thermal trousers: Long Johns €7.99

Great Outdoors

Hat: City Trek Heavyweight Beanie €25.00

Gloves: Merino Touch Gloves €21.00

Coat: Sirdal Insulated Jacket €129.99

Scarf: Loriant Scarf €39.99

Thermal trousers: Soft-Tec Active Long John €15.00

A man adjusting his scarf in winter. Image: Antonio Santos / Alamy

Stylist Cathy O'Connor said sustainable fashion is another way to go that's easy on your pocket.

"You've got really good consignment shops all over the country," she said.

"You've got places like Marketplace on Facebook [which] can be really good, you've got good charity shops as well.

"With any of these things, what's most important is that you go, 'I want to get myself a good jumper, I want it to be this colour and it'll work [with other pieces I have]'... and to really go on a very focused shopping trip.

"If you don't want to spend any money at all have a swap with your friends.

"Most of us have clothes in our wardrobe that you don't wear that we don't necessarily want to give to charity because we think, 'Oh, I will wear it'.

"If you've got pals who are in the same situation, it can be a really good way of swapping those clothes, reusing them, recycling them.

"So, again, it's a more sustainable, value-added proposition".

'Worth its weight in gold'

Ms O'Connor said the price is only one aspect to look at.

"The price tag is not the only guide: it's about value and value-per-wear," she said.

"So, the more you know about why you're buying the things you buy, the better the shopper you'll be."

Ms O'Connor said that there are some staples everyone should have.

"A good coat is worth its weight in gold," she said.

"It's about asking yourself what are your lifestyle needs?

"So, if you're the kind of person that is commuting by bus - for example - are you going to be standing at a bus stop or waiting for public transport, it's really good to get a really warm coat.

"When you're in the warm coat territory, then you're looking at more performance wear fabrics that are designed with that in mind.

"Even though at the time they're more expensive buys, it'll be the thing that you will wear virtually all winter long," she added.

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