Why child-free weddings are 'an excellent idea'

One man says people should appreciate the cost they're imposing on others
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

15.25 9 Feb 2022

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Why child-free weddings are 'a...

Why child-free weddings are 'an excellent idea'

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

15.25 9 Feb 2022

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A debate has erupted on whether child-free weddings are a good idea, or an extra expense.

Tina from Wicklow says her daughter got married a number of years ago.

And she told Lunchtime Live she thinks it is "an excellent idea".


"My daughter got married three years ago in a place called Ballybeg House... an amazing place.

"It had a limit of 160 people in the marquee and this medieval hall that she got married in.

"There's only seven of us immediate family on our side with no children at all.

"The other 153 people were made up of the groom's family and, of course, the couple's friends.

"My daughter just said 'When I look down that hall, I want to see faces I know who are all enjoying themselves and no screaming children running round the place'.

"And I couldn't agree with her more".

'Taking up spaces of people you actually want'

She says children mean other people can't be there.

"If you invite a couple and they've got four children, that's six of them taking up spaces of people you actually want to be there.

"The fact that that couple cannot relax for one moment, wondering where their children are, having to go up early because the kids need to go to bed, having to feed them separately.

"The whole thing was a disaster."

But she says a babysitter solved most of the problems.

"How we got over it was those couples that needed to bring children from the family, they hired big BnB places near the venue in Wicklow, and they brought a babysitter with them.

"So it worked out really well, except for one couple who took...a hissy fit and didn't turn up on the day.

"The main thing is it is your day, not theirs, and you mustn't stress over people who don't take your big day wishes into account".

'There's always kids there'

Brian from Athlone says he thinks the cost imposed on people with children is too much.

"In my experience - weddings I've gone to where kids are not allowed - there's always kids there anyway, because nephews and nieces are always brought.

"The added extra expense that's put on: say you have someone with four children, and if it's a family wedding then all the family are gone so you've no babysitters.

"That all has to be paid for."

And he gave one example of a recent wedding.

"A wedding invitation itself is like a summons - the cost of it - you're looking at hotel, time off work if it's a Friday wedding, childminders.

"If you want to have a child-free wedding that's fine, but you have to appreciate the cost you're imposing on people with children when you invite them to a wedding.

"The hotel was €380, childminder for two days was €250, the present was €200, diesel for the car, drinks the day of the wedding and the day after.

"We reckon it cost nearly €1,200 just to go to that wedding".

Why child-free weddings are 'an excellent idea'

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